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Hiya, I'm Allysia, but you can just call me kitty if it feels right. Took a small break from dA, but I think I'll clean everything up a bit and get back on. I aspire to be a mangaka, and have been working on my stories for over 5 years. Once the site for all the info is up, I'll put a link for anyone interested!

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My personalDNA Report…



Abandonment by ckittykatty
I didn't know you weren't as invested in this as I was...

I didn't know how truly far away you were, and how easy it was to cut ties with me. And while I'm tangled in this mess, I doubt you even noticed how very close to the edge I am... And that's not even your fault...
Kore Sae Mo by ckittykatty
Kore Sae Mo



Sorry if the anatomy is off, I just started painting with no guidelines... ah...
ML: Chat Noir by Kiwa007
This is a very well made animation! I love how even though the background is in a different style it isn't jarring us out of "scene" you created, and works well. Every frame of his expression is A+, not only is it just really beautiful with your art style, it's also nice looking because of how well you transitioned from frame to frame, making the expression change almost completely smooth. Unfortunately it looks like the farther from the face it gets, the less love it received. The hair is very nice, the tuffs keeping "shape" as they turn while his head goes back. The ear, however looses it's shading at one point, but while people might think the slight over animation in the ears, such as moving around "too much," as a bad thing, I actually find it cute and charming. It sorta adds a bit of character to even just his ears, and makes me oddly giddy.

However, as someone else mentioned, the one shoulder does do a slight "spazz" and almost refuses to hold a consistent shape, unlike the face, which I have to admit I love every about. Right down to the nose and its' shading, you did an amazing job on that face. And now my favorite part, the eyes. I love how you mimicked a complex shading style in cell shading, and somehow gave them depth and the shape of them gave them sassy-ness. I love the vibrant colour, and while of course that's more to the credit of the original designer, I still love it a lot. Also, while we can't see his eyebrows, that didn't stop you from showing emotions by messing with the lines of his mask. I just love every frame of his expression, I can't stop watching it. Overall, I love this animation, and if there was a show made in this exact style and attention to face consistency, I'd watch the shit out of it.

Sorry, this got a bit ramble-y, I feel, but it's so beautiful, I can't wait to see more.
ill just think about my characters they make me so happy

Own characters
1. Name your main characters who you draw on dA
Matt, Tulip, Ashley, Conner, Dakota, Corn, Lila, Naomi (age order for fairness ^^)

2. Do you have a sona? If so who?
er no? iunno... I draw myself as a chibi with blue hair in a hoodie

3. Out of all your characters designs which one are you most proud of?
corn or matt but i just love them all sm

4. Who would you say would be your most original character design?
I don't know, really... I think they all could be considered plain or marysueish but at the same time original

5. Who has been your longest lasting character?

6. Who is your most unoriginal character and why?
A very old character name Wendy Witchwell... out of the eight though...? Maybe Naomi or Dakota, because I'm still working on them... but that's a stretch...

7.Which character do you dislike the most?
i love all my babies thou D:

8. Do you have any closed/open species?

9. Have any of your characters been inspired by another persons/films character?
mmm iunno, probably. ashley was inspired by ember mclain, and in fact i still have her last name as that... but she is vastly different than she once was...

10. Who is your most high-powered character and lowest powered character?
mmm Out of all my charas, prolly one of the school kids, but the eight? Its a mix. For the longest time Lila can be considered the weakest, and Corn's abilities at full force can technically kill armies. But, Matt probably takes both actually. His physical empathy is so pathetic and weak, there's nothing to it, no defense no offense, but under a life or death situation it can destroy a person's body with one touch....

Other people's characters
1. Name some of the most well known characters of other artists/friends to you
oh wow, hmmm. well micah's characters have changed so much since i last knew them... iunno really, i've been under a rock for two years

2. List some of your most favourite characters of other artists 

3. Which of someone elses characters do you think is the most original?

4. List some of your favourite species of someone elses

5. Which species of someone else's do you think is the most original?
is this a furry meme

6. Have you ever had a joint storyline with someone elses characters?

7. Do you have any characters of someone elses species?
it IS a furry meme!
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